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The Iowa Source is Iowa’s only free monthly arts and entertainment magazine, now in its 29th year of publication. Each month (except for January, when we take a break), The Source brings a unique regional voice to 16,000 appreciative readers, plus another 12,000 readers online. We feature articles on a broad range of topics, from fine arts, music, culture, and health, to travel, recreation, computer frontiers, investing, movies, and books, plus a popular monthly calender of events that helps our readers stay in touch with what's happening in our area.

Noted for its lively, positive editorial outlook, The Iowa Source is uniquely positioned to integrate contemporary culture with the traditions of Midwestern life. Based on the enthusiastic responses we receive about the magazine, we know that our readers anticipate each issue, read them from cover to cover, refer to the ads and events, and save issues for later reference.

The steady growth of The Iowa Source since its inception is a testament to the region's dedication to quality, creativity, and prosperity on all levels of life. We are happy to have become a part of life in Iowa over the last quarter century, and especially happy to be bringing The Iowa Source to you online. Thanks for reading The Source, and for visiting our site.

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