Writer Presentation: Sarah Prineas

"Heroes Get in Trouble" - How the heroes in her award-winning books make mistakes, take risks, and find their way toward heroism.  

About Sarah Prineas: Sarah Prineas is the award-winning children’s and young adult author of the wildly popular Magic Thief and Winterling fantasy series. Like her sticky-fingered protagonist, Connwaer, Sarah’s first novel, The Magic Thief snatched prizes. The New York Public Library recommended it in its 2008 list of Books for Reading and Sharing. Booklist named it one of 2008’s Top Ten Books for Children, and the American Booksellers for Children included it on their list of the Best Books of the Year. 
In 2009, in addition to being an E. B White Read-Aloud honor book, The Magic Thief was tagged as a Notable Children’s Book by the National Council of Teachers of English. The Magic Thief is on sixteen state reading lists and was Utah’s Beehive Award winning children’s novel in 2010, and Nebraska’s Golden Sower Honor Book in 2011.
In 2012, Sarah herself snagged the Des Moines Public Library Foundation’s inaugural Middle Grade/Young Adult Iowa Author Award. She earned a PhD in English literature from the University of Arizona, and, at the University of Iowa, she’s taught honors seminars on fantasy and science fiction.
Slated for release on September 15, 2015, Sarah’s newest book Ash and Bramble reframes Cinderella’s story. Renowned fantasy fiction author Tamora Pierce has already endorsed this young adult novel as “Splendid!” and “A uniquely new fairy tale full of beauty and danger!”