Writer Presentation: Nynke Passi

“The Healing Power of Words”
Diarist Anaïs Nin believed that we write to heighten our awareness of life, to console others, to expand our world. She said, “When I don’t write, I feel my world shrinking. I lose my fire and my color.” Poet Cristina Domenech spent years teaching poetry in the Argentinian prison system, her students inmates with little hope in life. Yet she observed that “all of us burn with happiness when we light the wick of the word.” 
In this creative writing workshop, poet and writer Nynke Passi offers techniques to unleash the intrinsic healing power of words. The writer’s gift is to express what others most seek to hide. Franz Kafka considered words axes “for the frozen sea within us.” This makes writing a vulnerable, courageous, but also a thrilling and particularly transformational journey. 
Drawing on her Montessori background, Nynke works from a basis of creativity, helping you reconnect to that energized thrill of total immersion in the creative process—no boundaries, no sense of time or space, no worries about the opinions of others: just the joy of creating. When you let words come from that wild, deep place of connection with your soul-self, magic happens. This workshop starts with expressive writing, but also introduces elements of craft and technique that take you deeper, pushing you to see the world and yourself with new eyes, giving you a unique chance to edit your narrative. There is a difference between expressing and communicating. It brings relief to emote on the page, but craft and technique give you power to truly process your life experiences while evoking emotion in your reader. 
About Nynke Passi: Nynke Passi was born and raised in the Netherlands. She earned her graduate degree in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University and has sixteen years of college teaching experience as co-director of the undergraduate English: Creative Writing program at Maharishi University of Management. She recently founded her own literary center, The Luminous Writer, offering a safe space where poets and writers with any level of training can learn craft and technique while exploring their passions. 
Nynke’s writing has been published in literary magazines such as The Gulf Coast Review and The Anthology of New England Writers, and her poetry has been anthologized in The Dryland Fish, River of Earth and Sky, and the Brook Road Literary Anthology. Her story “The Kiss,” published in The Gulf Coast Review, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and her essay “Oom Ealse and the Swan” was a finalist in the 2014 Jeffrey E. Smith Editor’s Prize of The Missouri Review. Her poetry has been featured on the websites of visual artists Toc Fetch and Ken Dubin as well as at ICON gallery. Together with Rustin Larson and Christine Schrum, she edited the poetry anthology Leaves by Night, Flowers by Day.