The Fairfield All Star Jazz Band

In response to a request by Pastor Joe Phipps, 1st Presbyterian Church, Fairfield, IA; the band was organized to support worship services on the 5th Sunday of months containing 5 Sunday's. Pastor Joe designated these 5th Sundays as "Jazz Sunday", with the idea of using non-traditional music during the service. The band first performance was in October, 2011, and consisted of 16 area musicians, all sharing a love of big band jazz music. Instrumentation for the band includes 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, 5 saxophones, piano/keyboard, bass, and percussion. Members include: Francis Thicke, Sue Hucke, Fred Hucke, Greg Hanshaw, Dr. Gary Roth, Sarah Flinspach, Jay Stookesbury, Ken Burns, Mark McCabe, Jim Edgeton, Gerry Runyon, Ron Prill, Jim Wotherspoon, Claudia Sloat, Sue Burns, Ken Norton, and myself. We do not have a photograph of the band. Since our inaugural performance, the band has supported numerous worship services at area churches, and has performed for 1st Friday Art Walk. Songs to be performed for our appearance at "Fairfest 2013" include: "Wade In The Water", "You've Got A friend In Me", "What A Wonderful World", "Lean On Me", "And The Angels Sing", "Tomorrow's Memories", "Fire And Brimstone", and others.