Subterranean All Stars

The Subterranean All Stars are Gemma and Jonnie Cohen plus David and Eric Hurlin. Gemma's on vocals and bass. Jonnie's on guitar and bass. Eric's on keyboards and bass. David's on percussion and drums. They write music together, play some covers and groove like an underground subway. It's no secret that when you focus on things that bring you happiness, happiness is a more likely bi-product than if you were blaming the "problems of the 'world,'" those encrypted gifts that make you love deeper, that allow you to blossom fearlessly and transform the twisted roots into the flowing flowers and fruits we all deserve, sparkling, from that vacuum state where lightning eyes cold steel as the sweet summons of electric saliva, the monolith of prayer we extend to the sky, in order to be preyed upon by some power greater than autobiography, the incineration of architecture, or as Lorca calls it "the rejection of all the sweet geometry we have learned" that sacred and profane thumb war, the incendiary venue where Rilke wrestles angels, where gossip is let go and truth is allowed to permeate the gorgeous rivers of physiology that we all share, the four-armed goddess of the drum-beat that creates and sustains “us”, in some divine unmade triplet incubator pumping life into the very animations we cherish on the celestial altars of illusion, the puppets we must bring to life with the oxygen of other dimensions, with the compassion of the suns, with the voting power of thought itself, with the very act of what it means to be a human in 2012, a primordial acceleration into the infinite zoom of silence that houses everything we could possibly desire, and fulfills it to the core, like some galactic hummingbird feeder full of sugar water.