Ryne Doughty

“We hear a master storyteller at work in which the songs are dripping with melancholy. The songs sound like gems in my ears. They should really appeal to every music lover. The warm voice of Doughty and the intensity of his compositions will force you to repeated listening to this fine debut.” - Johan Schoenmakers, Alt Country Forum

Ryne Doughty is a folk-roots musician out of Washington, IA. His stripped down, earthy sound is directly influenced by the small, rural town where he was born and raised. The hard-working, simple living, and friendly way of life of the Midwest shines through songwriting that is understated, yet complex and rich with beauty and realness.

Ryne released his third studio album, “Under the Willow Tree,” produced by Alex Ramsey of The Pines, on February 1. The album combines Ryne’s finger-style guitar picking and rich baritone voice to create a stunning musical landscape. Ryne’s main passion in life is to share his music with the very people who influence it; the real, hard working, everyday people that make this beautiful world go around.