Radiance Dairy

Operated by France's Thicke, a widely respected pioneering organic dairy producer, and his wife Susan, this truly sustainable farm markets in a very intimate geographic area. Its connection with the marketplace truly exemplifies the organic ideal.Radiance Dairy is an organic, grass-based dairy located near Fairfield, Iowa, with on-farm processing facilities in which cream-line milk (whole, 2%, and skim), whipping cream, yogurt, and cheese are produced. All of the products made on the farm are sold locally through three grocery stores and about a dozen restaurants in Fairfield. All milk produced on the farm is processed by Radiance Dairy, and no milk is brought onto the farm from other dairies.Radiance Dairy began in 1980 with two cows. Over the years it has grown to the current milking herd of 65 cows. Owned by Francis and Susan Thicke, it is operated by them and several employees.--Cornucopia Institutehttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Radiance-Dairy/130818210287916