Organic Matters

Growing up as home-schoolers we were always given free reign to follow our passions. Turns out we're all passionate about food!         Before starting Organic Matters, we brothers (Orion & Jaden) spent 4 years working on small Organic farms. During that time we learned how important Organic Agriculture is, not only for our soil, water, & environment, but also for our bodies! The more we learned about the food we eat, the more restrictive our diet became. At a certain point we realized there weren't very many truly Organic food companies offering food with an emphasis on quality not quantity. All of a sudden we felt like odd-balls who couldn't find healthy AND delicious snacks in a grocery store! So, we decided to create our own line of snacks that we not only healthy, but delicious as well. We wanted to use 100% Organic, Vegan, and Gluten Free ingredients while still having a product we are proud to call our own.          In 2012 a certified gluten-free commercial kitchen became available. We decided to jump on the opportunity! After work and on the weekends we worked on recipes and after nearly a year of refining our products we were ready to stock the shelves of local stores. In very short order the demand was so great that we brought in our sister to help with the baking and product development. We are now in over 25 stores around the Midwest and we sell throughout the country via Amazon. We invite you to try our products for yourself and experience the Organic Matters difference. Thank you for taking the time to read our story! :)- Jaden, Orion & Akeisha