Noah's Raw Chocolate

Hi! I'm Noah - the Raw Chocolate ManThe first time I made chocolate was with my mother when I was eight. I loved everything about mixing the cocoa butter with crushed candies which she so kindly let me smash to bits. The satisfaction of having my family and friends smile and laugh over something I had made is a feeling that has driven me to this day.My father and I built many Eco-friendly homes before I became a full time Raw Chocolatier and during that time as a construction foreman I was most interested in the mix and consistency of the concrete often referring to the perfect consistency for wet concrete as "perfect chocolate chip oatmeal cookies" Working with him was very helpful teaching me the importance of ratios which is key in making my Raw Chocolate.When I realized how terrible processed sugar is I began making my own raw desserts. I quickly found after adding all my favorite ingredients together that everyone seemed to love my chocolate almost more than I do.From there I started serving chocolate at local markets, stores, and created the online store RawChocolateMan.comI now live in Manhattan where I provide Raw Chocolate for thousands of chocolate lovers across the nation.