Keelan Dimick

Up and coming jazz pianist Keelan Dimick can often be seen performing and entertaining at various clubs throughout New York City. Growing up listening to (primarily) blues, traditional jazz and oldies, Keelan's sound is sophisticated and refined while maintaining the heart and soul of R&B and folk music. Raised in a small, meditating community in Fairfield, IA, Keelan developed confidence at an early age, which allowed him to share his creativity widely with others. He contributes most of his success to practicing Transcendental Meditation twice daily, which he started at age 10. He says: "It allows for more clarity of mind and strengthens the connection between the surface self and its unbounded creative source."

While obtaining his BA in jazz performance at the Manhattan School of Music, Keelan was given a plethora of opportunities including: headlining at Iowa's most prestigious performance space, The Stephen Sondheim Center, invited to perform at the Montreux jazz festival in Switzerland, winning the Lionel Hampton international jazz competition 3 times, commissioned by director David Lynch to perform at the Kodak Theatre in L.A. and hired to play at the Jazz at the River festival in Boise, Idaho in the summers of 2010 and 2011. "He gets way inside the feel of the piano, is not afraid of space, turns standards into expressive playgrounds, and is the nicest person to boot." James Moore KRUU-FM (2008)