Ian Moore

An eclectic blend of folk, rock and roll, world music and blues

Encouraged by his parents, Ian Moore took up the violin at age six, moving to guitar nine years later. The Austin-based blues-rocker's early influences included the Beatles, Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder and Sly & the Family Stone. He gained experience touring as a guitarist with Joe Ely, which led to a solo tour opening for the Rolling Stones and ZZ Top. He signed with Capricorn Records and made three records from 1993-95. Though hailed as one of Texas' great singer/songwriters, heir to Stevie Ray Vaughn's throne, Moore abandoned that path when he felt the flash and dazzle were overshadowing what he wanted to express musically and embraced a more intimate eclectic compositional songwriting style.

His evocative vocals, described by some as a velvety croon, and effortless command on guitar, combined with an engaging sense of humor, make for magical performances. Accompanying Ian is Kullen Fuchs, a musician from the Hill Country of Texas, who brings unusual savory flavors to the mix with instruments such as trumpets, vibraphone, accordions and omnichord.