Flash in a Pan

In the spring of 2012, Blake and Max started busking the Iowa City downtown for Friday night thrills, uncovering Iowa City's love of bluegrass and folk in the nightlife scene. When summer came, the duo joined forces with singer/songwriter Dustin Blank and composer/performer Aaron Emanuel Fitch to open up for a national touring act with two days notice. Thus the group was named Flash in a Pan, with no expectation of a long-term project. However, as the groups popularity grew, the expected end point evaporated. Perhaps they would not be just a flash after all.
The group made big moves playing the Snake Alley International Film Festival in June'12 and subsequently became a sensation in Burlington, IA (They even put us on a firetruck in their city parade!). Aaron left the group in August when he relocated to Florida (We miss him dearly).

After playing many events around Iowa, ranging all corners of the state, making great friends in great places, and having every one of our vehicles breakdown (multiple times), the band had established a firm following. Clint Coggins joined the group on banjo in late July, busking, gigging, and bringing great energy with him! In August, Jake Stanbro joined in on vocals and upright bass, giving the band an unprecedented presence and refined sound.

After graduating from the University of Iowa, some members of the band went multiple directions and has convened in Iowa to play a few shows every few months. Recently, Spencer Lorenz joined Flash on banjo, replacing Clint Coggins who relocated to PA with his wife, Robyn. The band also took a step in a new direction in the fall of 2014, adding Jake Zumwalt as an auxilary percussionist.