Fire Sale

Who doesn’t love a good jam? Fire Sale certainly does. Their music can switch from Phish level rock to traditional reggae to funk on a dime. They pepper their singles with transitions and solos and extended instrumentals. Their live shows do the same, and then some. They are the type of band that has made summer festivals into havens for musical expressionism and extended songs. Fire Sale fits that bill.

Fire Sale is originally from the Davenport area, but their ability has brought them far beyond “Iowa’s Front Porch.” Fire Sale has played shows all around the region with such bands as Dave Zollo and the Body Electric, Euforquestra, Zeta June and Paa Kow’s By All Means Band. Their second album, Mind Breath, was released in 2012, but the band expands their repertoire each time out by including extended mixes and jams on their already crowd favorites.