Dana T

Dana T is a musician, multimedia artist, and comedian from Iowa City, Iowa.

Although his professional, post-college career has spanned just over half a year, it has been dramatically full. Dana graduated from the University of Iowa with a music degree in May of 2013.

From July through August of 2013, Dana was the artist in residence for Public Space One’s first Free Studio Residency. You can imagine the shock that ensued when Dana announced shortly into the residency that he was retiring from art. Public Space One allowed him to use the studio while he searched for a new calling. This search was documented through a series of videos. Dana revisited dream diaries, meditated through a mini-photo documentary, and even created Dana T’s Shopping Show which he pitched to major television networks via Twitter. The residency culminated in the announcement that Dana would return to the art world and release abbr. relation, an EP of music he had started working on before he took residence. abbr. relation received positive reviews within Iowa City and a few Midwest blogs after it was released in late September.

Observations often veer towards the intricate arrangements and jazzy undertones:
Following the residency, Dana embarked on a mission to secure a Daytrotter session through a series of short videos called Dana T’s Dear Daytrotter,. Things escalated when Dana became suspicious that Daytrotter had plans to sue him in an effort to fund their next business venture. After not hearing from Daytrotter directly, Dana renamed his January tour The DanaTrotter Tour 2014. He would travel the midwest rallying his fans and encouraging them to tweet their endorsements of The DanaTrotter Session. The tour was successful and ended with a triumphant session at the Daytrotter studio.